Below are some examples of the Sliding gates we have previously installed

We offer a range of sliding gates including:

Tracked Sliding Gates - The Sliding gate is fitted with bearing roller wheels with a full length ground track.

Cantilever Sliding Gate - The Gate is suspended above the ground using a pair of Cantilever Carriages bolted to a Concrete foundation and a matching bottom beam at the base of the gate frame, allowing the gate to move without contact with the Roadway beneath. This system is suitable where the roadway is raked or uneven and is beneficial in the winter when ice and snow could freeze the tracked style gate. In addition, the Cantilever method is advantageous where heavy vehicles are used and the ground track may be subject to damage or at farm entrances where mud would prevent smooth operation of the gates without regular cleaning. The disadvantage of the Cantilever gate is, that it does require a gate leaf approximately a third larger than the entrance to allow for the balancing section to the rear of the gate and so a larger "run back" is required to the tracked gate.

Wooden Sliding Gates - Steel Framed, with Timber Cladding

Bi-Folding Gates - for restricted space and Hi-Speed operation

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